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REX Productions is a team of young, aspiring artists striving to capture the highlights of our youth in film. We started out as a two man team run by Eric Xu and Russell Escalada that produced an unsuccesful YouTube comedy/cooking series. When Eric brought REX Productions to China, we took our first step towards becoming a true production team. With the continuous support of friends and family, we've become a growing family that's now a student club at Monta Vista High School.

"We're just this super tight-knit team with a super dedicated guy at the helms." - Luca (sound guy)


Eric Xu

Founder / Writer / Director / Editor

Eric writes, organizes, directs, and edits his own films — the epitome of a polymathic filmmaker. He's a tier one perfectionist but emphasizes the importance of keeping an eye on the big picture. He's also an avid photographer, designer, and singer.

Goutham Rejeev

Editing and Visual Effects

Goutham shares Eric's passion for film and is an enthusiastic member of the film team. He helps in every aspect from the writing to his duties in post. He has been one of the core members during the move to Cupertino.

Stephen Lai

Sound Technician

A humorous and relaxed person on set, Stephen is reliable and takes initiative to drive our efforts forward. Whether he mics our actors and manages the track playback for music videos, it's clear Stephen cares about what he does. He's interested in music and audio hardware.

Jacqueline Yee

Assistant Camera

Though her title has an assistant in it, Jacqueline is completely independent in most of what she's responsible for. She operates the clapperboard and keeps track of every shot to save tremendous amounts of time in post-processing. She's also a great personality on set and brings a little gender diversity to our crew.


Before we became a club at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, California, we were a filmmaking team based in Beijing, China. This is where we made our first film, iRelationship, and became a group dedicated to making short films and music videos. The people below are the the ones to thank for getting us off our feet and are the reason why we continue to make films today.

Luca Alexandru

Sound Recordist

A close friend of the director, Luca was a person with a strong sense of loyalty and dedication. As sound recordist, he tirelessly miced the actors on set and recorded the Foley in post. Extremely cooperative and competent, Luca was an exceptional team member. In his free time Luca enjoys computer programming and gaming.

William Lee


A great asset to the crew, William was easygoing and cooperative on set. Always friendly to everyone, he never failed to give a fellow crew member his helping hand. He often brought a relaxed calm to the hectic and stressful set, which everyone appreciated.

Erik Powers

Key Grip

Always fast to react and willing, Erik was an unstoppable crew member during production for iRelationship, no lighting bag or light stand too heavy for him carry or move. He brought a touch of masculine humor to the set, often brawling with our sound recordist.

Sean Hinson

Best Boy Grip

Keen and quick to learn, Sean was the joker on set. His playful demeanor sometimes frustrated Eric, but his humor was appreciated by the crew most of the time. When he wasn't cracking jokes (usually at Eric's expense), he was helping out with pretty much everything.

Bartu Bilgin

Production Assistant

Filled with brimming enthusiasm and eagerness every shoot, Bartu was an indespisible part of our China crew. His persistance and attitude was inspiring for us all, and he never failed to supply our shoots with mirth and laughter, as well as making our lives a lot easier.